Bernice M. Winter ACCI, FCCI

Bernice is the Founder, Owner and CEO of Condo Check, Canada’s first document review service. Over the past 23 years Condo Check has reviewed over 20,000 condominium corporations in Alberta. Bernie was the author of the Calgary Herald “Condo Insight” column until 2007, and has written and delivered hundreds of condominium seminars to boards members, owners and professionals across Alberta. She is the author of the novel and resource guidebook, “10 Secrets to Surviving Life in a Condominium”.


Bernie specializes in representing the "Condominium Consumer" and their rights as buyers and owners including the need for access to information.  She has been active on many committees during her 40 plus years in the condominium industry.  


Bernie is a past President of the Southern Alberta Chapter and was the first woman to be elected as President of that Chapter Board. She has volunteered on dozens of condominium committees over the years – locally and nationally – is an active member of the Minister’s working committee for the Condominium Legislation of Alberta, a member of the RECA Advisory committee for the licencing of Condominium Managers and is an member of the Center for Public Legal Education advisory committee creating plain language information for condominium consumers. Bernie was honored with the Woman of Vision award in 2002, and the Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute (FCCI) award in May 2003. 


Her bio is available for review, here.



Keowna Furuness

Document Review Consultant

Tracy Barbas

Office Manager, Document Review Consultant

Lorri Williamson


Document Review Consultant & General Consulting Services 

Keowna has been with Condo Check since 2003 and has served as bookkeeper, intake administration, office manager, general manager and document review consultant. 


As a single mother with two young boys Keowna has shown us all how being competent and committed to excellence can be achieved, while juggling demands outside the office.

Tracy Barbas has a lot of responsibility Office Manager. She’s also a member of the document review consulting team. Tracy has been with Condo Check since 2006 and knows, first hand, the impact a condominium operation has on an owner or buyer. Somehow Tracy also finds time to care for three growing boys and a photography business www.barbasphotography.com .


Sandy Watson-Bonhert

Public Relations and Sales


Lorraine is a condominium owner and past board member (treasurer). With many years of business experience in the private and public sectors, she brings enthusiasm, professionalism and a great desire to solve problems and bring perspective to issues that arise between board members and owners. Lorraine provides general consulting services including assistance to Condo Boards. Lorri has been with Condo Check since May 2010. Lorri is on the Board of Directors for The Canadian Condominium Institute, South Alberta Chapter.



Sandy has been with Condo Check since 2007 and brings her experience in sales and real estate. Sandy is the face that the real estate offices and Mortgage brokerages see as she distributes information to assist the real estate and lending industry in successful selling of the condominium unit.  Sandy is available to assist the real estate professional, buyer, lender or anyone wanting to purchase or sell a condominium in southern Alberta. For assistnace on information regarding the document review services provided by Condo Check, Sandy is the one to contact.


Audrey Dunkley


Intake Adminstrator 


Audrey is available full time in our document intake department. Audrey joined our team in March 2017 and is amazed at how much detail is required in getting the documents needed for the consultant to complete a thorough review.


She is available to assist the Realtor and the Buyer in having a great experience while wading through the condo buying process.










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