The First Step in Condo Ownership

When you find a condo that’s perfect for your needs you’ll probably arrange for a home

inspection to check for any hidden problems. Condo Check® has an eye for details, too.


We offer a similar service, but rather than check for rising damp or electrical issues, we

prepare a document review on the stability of the condominium corporation. Imagine

moving in to your condo and before you fully unpack, you’re slapped with a special

assessment for thousands of dollars.


Condominium Ownership - Simplified

You want to be comfortable in your new home, without any concerns of how the condominium is being maintained or how the condominium corporation is being operated. Navigating condominium ownership is what we do. Having a Condo Check

condominium document review provides you with valuable information and knowledge, not to mention peace-of-mind. Don't risk one of your biggest investments. A condominium home is more than just real estate - investigate before you buy!


Here are the services offered by Condo Check.



Our Mission

"To provide perspective, expertise and experience in assisting with the evaluation and review of the operation and function of a condominium corporation, through an examination of documents to assess the condition of the capital items and the financial viability of a condominium corporation for the discriminating condominium buyer, seller or lender."



A wealth of knowledge

We’re able to call upon more than 42-years of condominium knowledge and experience to ensure you make a fully informed decision to purchase. We check the finances, check the building’s history and check the records. Check, and double check.


Remember, when you buy into a condominium, you’re buying shares in a corporation that’s probably worth millions of dollars. So take your investment seriously and get a Condo Check document review done on your prospective new home.


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