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We provide the Condominium Document Review service in all locations across Alberta, including small communities.

 Home of the First Condo Document Review Service. Click this link to learn "WHY" a condo review is important to the buyer of a condo
Click HERE to complete the Order a Condo Check Review  form.  Resale review Fee is $399.00 + GST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Turn around time - Once we have verified that all the information required to complete a review has been obtained we average having the report to  the buyer via email by end of the following business day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When we have higher than average volumes the reviewer will notify you if they require additional time when the file is assigned for review.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The report includes the contact details for the reviewer so you can contact them directly with any questions you may have once you have read the report.                                                                                                                        
                For document review orders complete the order form then email the documents to    [email protected] 

Why choose Condo Check® for your Document Review?

* At Condo Check® we know your condo needs, and your concerns regarding risks as a buyer.
* Condo Check® completed more than 25000 condo document reviews 
* Our exclusive data base contains historical data for thousands of condominiums in Alberta
* Our full service team means many eyes on your file
* Leaders in the condo industry actively participating in condo legislation changes
* Our document reviews are extensive yet presented in a style that identify any risks or concerns at a glance
* We are constantly advocating for the condominium consumer
* Condo Check® was founded by our owner out of a recognized need for condo buyers to be informed of the risks before they remove conditions.
* We are available to you for life if you have condo questions or concerns 
We Care about protecting your a Condo Investment

For More Info about the Document Review Service 

Use this link to Order a Review  and pay only $399.00 + GST 

Condo Consulting and  Training for condo boards, owners, and sales people

Consulting Services for Board Members
The topics below are in pdf files to print and share with your Condo Board of Directors.  

We provide customized training for condo board members following the AGM to assist the new members in becoming confident in contributing to the governance of the condo. 


If you have a condo problem, we are here to help find the solution... Consulting Services

Condo Board Training 

CRESA Program for Condo Managers

About Condo Check®

Condo Check® is Canada’s first document review service. The document review service was pioneered by Bernice Winter in 1994. During her seventeen year career in condominium management and sales she witnessed the problems that could result when a condo owner was not adequately informed of the risks and requirements of owning and living in a condominium.

During the past 25 years Condo Check® has completed more than  25,000 condominium document reviews in Alberta, for discerning condo buyers.

For more about Condo Check®, Bernice, or to Order a Service:

Meet the Condo Check® Team

We are ready to serve you... we never close during business days

Each member of the Condo Check® Team specializes in their duties and together we are here to help your condominium experience to be the best it can be!

Bernice Winter, ACCI, FCCI


Bernice has been active in the condominium industry since 1975 in Alberta and pioneered the document review business opening Condo Check® in 1994, Canada's 1st doc review company. Bernice oversees the Quality Control of the services and personally trains all Reviewers and Consultants Bernice has experience in condo management, sales, development, and ownership

Keowna Furuness 

Document Reviewer

Keowna has been with Condo Check® since 2003 and has served as bookkeeper, intake administration, office manager, general manager and document review consultant. As a single mother with two young boys Keowna has shown us all how being competent and committed to excellence can be achieved, while juggling demands outside the office.

Tracy Barbas

Document Reviewer  

Tracy has been with Condo Check® since 2006 and has held several positions over the years.

She has experience as a condominium management administration as well as her review knowledge. Tracy has three teenage boys to keep her busy when not at work

Sandy Watson-Bonhert

Sales- Public Relations

Sandy has been with Condo Check® since 2007 and brings her experience in sales and real estate. Sandy is the face that the real estate offices, Mortgage brokerages, and the law offices we serve see as she distributes information to assist the real estate and lending industry in successful selling of the condominium unit.