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               We have served over 28000 condo buyers and Realtors since1994

Easy 4 Step process with many benefits ...
* create your own private login to share with the buyer and fellow realtor on the deal so all are up to date   * documents to be emailed to the office  * no need to contact the office to get an update on the status of the document collection  * our office will communicate with you via email if there are any hiccups or concerns, as we will be overseeing the process on our end and will assist when needed, and 
* no waiting for replies to calls or emails while our intake department is busy with other clients. 

Primary services available at Condo Check®

Condo Document Reviews
** We have access to the historical files for thousands of condominiums in Alberta.
** Our reviews do more than note facts, our trained reviewers' complete review of the financial viability of the condominium by reporting on the operations (financials, technical reports, reserve reports), governance (bylaws, legislation), and communication (minutes, rules, newsletters)

What are the rates of our services?

** For a Condo Check® Document Review - our standard rate for all condo types for a resale purchase is $399+GST. 

For a Purchaser of a New Build condominium unit call the office at 403-509-2250 for the cost and availability.

For our repeat buyer, listing review appreciation discounts contact the office at 403-509-2250. We are available to the buyer for life to answer questions or concerns at no extra charge.

** For Condominium Consulting we offer package pricing or hourly rates.
** Board Training, Realtor Training prices vary due to customization requirements.

What type of warranty does Condo Check® provide?

** We come with a full money back warranty.  Although we aim for perfection, we accept we are human and mistakes can happen. We have refunded 2 clients in the past 27 years.
** We carry E&O insurance for our clients protection.
** We are an A+ Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau and to date have recieved Zero (0) complaints.
We were nominated for the BBB Ethics award in 2008
** We are a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) North Alberta Chapter.  Bernice, our Owner & CEO has her F.C.C.I and A.C,C.I designations presented by CCI National.

We specialize in knowing condos from our experience in management, sales, ownership and development

** We have the expertise you can trust when you refer us to a client. This is important as the condo document review service is not a licensed service making it you that becomes liable for incorrect info, when you refer a company that does not have an experienced reviewer.
** Once we receive all documents required to complete a competent review, we have the report to the client by end of the following business day.
** The report is in plain language. We offer sit down or phone consultations if the clients. Our reports are so detailed and clear we have had 2 clients request to meet in person in 2019.
** with 44 years of condo experience we are able to put the information into perspective for a buyer, in other words into context as to what they can expect when they become owners. ** We use red flags and magnifying glass icons in the margins for easy access for buyers to identify any risks or concerns.
** We specialize in condo knowledge, including the legislation.
** Preventing surprises and future problems.
** Condo Check® has been involved in the condominium community on a variety of committees for the past 25 years. ** Document Reviewers & Consultants are personally trained by Bernice and pass an exam at 90% More about the Condo Check® Team 

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The Condo Buyer Qualifier Form can help you and your buyer identify their needs, wants, and concerns

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Documents required for a Condo Check® review

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